CALL FOR EDITORS: New Editor(s) Sought for Common-Place

The Journal of Early American Life is seeking a new editor and host institution.

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Common-place, the online quarterly magazine of early American history and culture hosted at the American Antiquarian Society, is seeking a new editor or editors to guide this unique online resource of accessible, lively scholarship.

The editor(s) of Common-place should have a record of writing and scholarly activity in a field consistent with the purview of Common-place (pre-1900 American history, literature, and culture as well as a PhD or equivalent). The editor should also possess strong organizational and editorial skills and be comfortable working collaboratively with an excellent group of column editors. Perhaps most importantly, the editor must possess an interest in presenting American history to a broad public, and an instinct for how to do so in a compelling way. In addition, the editor’s home institution would need to be understanding of the commitment involved in taking on the editorship, and be willing to support the editor in performing this work. We seek an institutional partner that is able to support the editor through release time from teaching; graduate research assistance; and other forms of support. Of particular interest is an institution with an interest in and capacity for work in public history and/or the digital humanities.

A partnership with Common-place would provide ideal opportunities to give students hands-on experience in working with an established online venue for high-level humanities scholarship. Interested candidates should contact James David Moran, vice president of Programs and Outreach, American Antiquarian Society, by phone at 508-471-2131 or by e-mail at jmoran@mwa.org.


This article originally appeared in issue 17.2 (Winter, 2017).

Anna Mae Duane (Associate Professor of English and American Studies, University of Connecticut) and Walter Woodward (Associate Professor of History, University of Connecticut) are co-editors of Common-place.

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