Commonplace Call for Submissions

Article reviews are ongoing.

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Commonplace is now accepting submissions of approximately 2000 words that analyze vast early America before 1900. We seek a diverse range of articles on material and visual culture, critical reviews of books, films, and digital humanities projects, poetic research and fiction, pedagogy, and the historian’s craft. We are especially interested in deep reads of individual objects, images, or documents (including in the collection of the American Antiquarian Society). Submissions should be written in an accessible style and crafted for a wide audience. Article reviews are ongoing. Our contributor style sheet is available at https://commonplace.online/article/commonplace-style-sheet/
We are now publishing new articles on the first and third Tuesday of each month with our newsletter in the fourth week. Due to our increase in publishing frequency, we are keen to see more submissions on a rolling basis. If you (or someone you know – please do spread the word!) have an idea for a piece or any questions about submission, please contact us at commonplacejournal@gmail.com.
Inquiries and submissions can be made to commonplacejournal@gmail.com.
For more information about Commonplace, visit https://commonplace.online/about/
This announcement first appeared in February, 2022.
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